Gazette readers say there isn't enough house building in the area

A majority of Shields Gazette readers don’t believe enough new homes are being built.
Are enough new homes being built round here?Are enough new homes being built round here?
Are enough new homes being built round here?

According to government figures the number of newly-created homes in England is at its highest in almost 30 years. A total of 241,130 homes were built in the year to March 31, compared with 222,190 in 2018.

It was also eight per cent more than the previous record of 223,530 set in 2008, and more than any other year since 1991 when records began.

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But with reference to local housing, we asked readers: “Is there enough new housebuilding in the area to meet housing needs?”

At the time of writing, over 500 people had voted in our Facebook poll: 37% said yes, 63% said no.

Tom Martin said: “It's not so simple as just throw up more houses. There is the whole infrastructure that goes with it, such as hospital space, schools, doctors, etc. and then the need for all the trained people needed to work in these trades, such as doctors, teachers, etc.

“This is already a substantially built up area. There are already major transport issues, not even looking at our shoddy metro system, yet there is a constantly growing population in the area and the area simply can't sustain the current level of growth.”

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Housing is a personal issue for Susan Gough, who said: “I’m disabled and been refused a bungalow because of my age, which is disgusting. It shouldn’t matter about your age, it’s about receiving the right house/flat/bungalow for your needs.”

Paul Wood said simply: “What's needed is affordable housing!”

A sceptical Mark Pinckney said: “‘We need more council houses’ is an oft heard statement on forums. Does anyone know how these new houses will be funded?”

Deborah Henderson said: “We need more council houses! Plus the way they are building houses near me, they need to check on schools and doctors as both are hard to get in at the one of your choice.”

Michelle Wall said: “People only complain when plans get submitted to build new houses.”

Bill Walton’s issue was: “Don’t build on green belt!”