Halloween has become too ‘Americanised’ say Gazette readers

A majority of Gazette readers say Halloween has gotten to over the top and ‘Americanised’
Has Halloween become to Americanised? Picture: PixabayHas Halloween become to Americanised? Picture: Pixabay
Has Halloween become to Americanised? Picture: Pixabay

Every year we celebrate Halloween, kids dress up in spooky costumes and go door to door trick or treating.

But, over the last few years it seems as if Halloween is being celebrated more and more, people decorate their houses, cities hold workshops, parades and events all month long with terrifying and spooky themes to entertain people.

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In our recent online poll we asked: “Has Halloween become too over the top and Americanised?”

Over 600 Gazette readers took part in the poll, and 72% agree that Halloween has become ‘too over the top’ while 28% disagree.

Ray Carrick said: “When i was a bairn Halloween used to be ducky apple night and a few ghost tales . It has def got Americanised over the years but lets face it the bairns love it!”

Rachel Mavin said: “My son doesn't really understand it all he has autism and this time of year can be confusing for him.I think it has gone over the top to be honest.”

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Agnes George said: “Yes! Ridiculously so. All that plastic tat messing up the planet!”

Linda Wood said: “No problem with Halloween just DON’T knock on my door!!!”

Leah Chapman said: “I did three turnip lanterns last night. Never again my hands are killing.”

Zoe Lees said: “Dear me… If your not into it then don’t take part! Very simple.”