Letter of the week: 'South Tyneside Council deserves praise for a lot of things'

Once again Mr Stephen Hepburn MP is knocking the Tory Party, Shields Gazette Tuesday February 5.

By Gazette Letters
Thursday, 14 February, 2019, 17:01
Our letter writer believes South Tyneside Council deserves praise for a "lot of things".

This time with regard to road maintenance.

I often wonder if Mr Hepburn actually knows what goes on within his Jarrow constituency.

If he actually reads the Shields Gazette, and instead of writing what always just seems to be criticism of the Conservative Government, he would see what is happening locally.

Also read: Tory propaganda forever pretending country is awash with jobs, says Stephen HepburnIn Monday, February 4’s edition of the paper on pages 36 and 37 there were 15 public notices with notice of road closures due to road resurfacing.

These notices, plus daily notifications in the traffic watch section of the paper, have been going on for weeks now. In fact, my own street was resurfaced last year plus a number of others in my own area.

It is also in my opinion that some of these roads did not need to be resurfaced.

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Is this just South Tyneside Labour council spending money for the sake of it and not where it is actually needed?

Last week's Letter of the week: Don't take away our South Shields takeawaysI must also say that a lot of the things that the Labour Council has done does deserve praise.

Please, Mr Hepburn, why don’t you write something constructive for a change and stop knocking the Tory Government every week in your articles.

John Wilkie,