Majority of Gazette readers want more money to be spent on flood defences

Some Gazette readers think that flooding issues need to be tackled at the source, including climate change and not building on flood plains.
Rain fall and flooding at Lizard Lane, WhitburnRain fall and flooding at Lizard Lane, Whitburn
Rain fall and flooding at Lizard Lane, Whitburn

Around this time of year, Tyne and Wear receives regular flood warnings from GOV.UK – this is usually due to heavy rain fall which can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to homes and businesses.

We asked in our recent online poll: “Does more money need to be spent on flood defences?”

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More than 500 Gazette readers took part and 86% agreed that more money should be spent on flood defences while, 14% disagreed.

Dany Maiden said: “We need more money spent on all ours services.”

David A Turnbull said: “We would not need money spent of flood defences if the planners thought it through before building new homes without adequate drainage.”

Rob Mackins said: “We wouldn’t the money be better spent in stopping global warming and how this is impacting on our extreme weather?”

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Kay Mclachlan said: “Rivers need to be dredged like they used to be so they are less likely to burst their banks.”

David Horn said: “I’m not sure if this was mentioned but they keep building on green belt land.”

Helen Egan said: “If you shore up one area the problem moves to the next unprotected area!

“This should be foreseeable and preventable, I can’t imagine what families go through when this happens,

“Not everyone has another place to live or resources to until their property is livable again.”