Ridiculous or patriotic? What readers think of proposed 'One Britain One Nation' singalong

Readers have both supported and criticised a Government-backed campaign that aims to instil pride in Britain.

School children are being encouraged to sing a patriotic song on Friday, June 25 that celebrates a “strong Britain great nation” as part of One Britain One Nation Day (OBON).

Launched by West Yorkshire-based former policeman Kash Singh, the OBON campaign aims to bring everyone together and “celebrate the values we share”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street on June 23. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images.

These include tolerance, kindness, pride, respect, and a tremendous desire to help others.

Ahead of Friday, the Department of Education said in a post on its social media channels: “We're encouraging schools across the UK to celebrate One Britain One Nation Day on June 25, when children can learn about our shared values of tolerance, kindness, pride and respect.”

We asked our readers whether or not they supported the idea.

This is what you had to say across some of our social media pages:

Anthony Blakeston: “Why do we see sportsmen from foreign lands singing their national anthems with gusto with their hands upon their hearts?

"Because they are taught to respect the country of their birth, or by adoption, at home and at school.”

Mark Davies: “Forced patriotism doesn’t lead to very nice places.”

David Irwin: “When I read about this proposal this morning I had to check the date as I thought it must be April 1. Is this joke?”

David Price: “Sounds great, get the Union Jack in all classrooms as well, be proud of country.”

Denise Stobie: “A ridiculous and, in my opinion, dangerous idea that sets a nasty precedent!”

Catherine Whatmough: “I've never understood the idea of being proud of where you're from. You had no control over where you were born.”

Tony Ormond: “This is the country that fought fascism, that created the NHS which cares for us, it has educated us and given us a reasonable lifestyle. I am grateful to be born British and I think it is great to celebrate it.”

Emma Beesley: “So can’t sing at my dad’s funeral but this is okay?”

Deirdre McGhie: “Minus Scotland who are already on school holidays. Couldn’t make it up.”

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