Paltry sum from Google

So Google, the multi-billion pound company, has decided to pay a paltry 3% of its earnings in tax.

Yes, Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne asked if it wouldn’t mind paying something in tax, and Google said, there you go 3%.  It put a whole new meaning to self assessment. So the next time I fill in my “self assessment” tax return, I’m going to send off 3% of my earnings, and a little note saying Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne are saying 3% is a good deal.

I can hear all those working class Tories bleating on, how Google never paid anything under the last Labour government. When will the penny drop, the previous Labour government was appalling with just about everything it did, but this Government has taken appalling to another level.

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When you working class Tories have time do yourselves a favour and Google the word naive.

Ged Taylor