Passengers unhappy with Metro station closure plans for Great North Run day

Metro passengers have spoken out against plans to shut down a station on Great North Run day.

Gigantic Metro queues after last year's Great North Run
Gigantic Metro queues after last year's Great North Run

But the plans didn't go down 100% well with readers commenting on our Facebook page.

Colin Burgin-Plews said: "Instead of blaming the general public for delays on GNR day try running a service that doesn't break down, and increase trains."

Emma Lunt said: "If they had enough trains running to cope with the capacity of passengers they would not have to worry about people doing this."

Linda Robinson said: "There's never been any trouble with the Metros on GNR day before. Last year was a disgrace but it wasn't the public's fault it was the broken down trains.

"Try and get it sorted or people won't be doing it if their going to be stranded for hours after doing the run."

Dave Smith said : "How pathetic, surely it's up the passengers where to get on, that's not queue jumping."

Stuart Wall said: "Glad I'm on holiday!"

Andy Âû Wright said: "The tighter your grip, the more slips through your fingers. A better plan would be 'Empty the train at South Shields'."

Others were concerned about there being enough trains in the morning for runners, and had ideas for improvements - with some suggestions more likely than others.

Scott Davis said: "Let's hope the morning trains run to time to get everyone to the start on time better than last year."

Denise King said: "Why don't they put loads of buses on too - from the bus station - maybe direct to Newcastle without stopping."

Chris Higgins said: "Or they could make the course a loop so people finish where they started. No need for bag buses and shutting down the roads for South Shields!"

Anita Hall said: "The Metro should be free on run day and additional free transport as back up."