Pease pudding houmous? 14 North East favourites which could go hipster in 2016

From craft ales sold in reclaimed industrial sites to cloth cap plates , we've already seen many North East traditions adopted by the hipster movement.
Would any of these float your boat?Would any of these float your boat?
Would any of these float your boat?

Here we look at how some of the region's other delights and delicacies could be adopted and tweaked to give them a hip new edge. Will any of these be the next big thing of 2016?

1) Pease pudding houmous

Why cut this chickpea delicacy with the likes of red pepper and caramelised onion, when you could double its pulsey flavour and give it a distinctive local edge?

2) Saveloy brioche

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Londoners have their jellied eels - we have the saveloy dip. Maybe it's time we brought this delicacy to a wider audience, served in a brioche bun with bloody mary ketchup.

3) Pop-up pie and pea suppers

Where would the region's social events have been in the past few decades without the great pie and pea supper? And they're just ripe for a revival: artisan mushy peas, post-ironic tinned potatoes and locally-sourced meat pies..

Eat while standing in front of exposed brickwork.

4) Crab stick loose-leaf tea

This fishy favourite could well be the next infusion innovation, bringing together the North East's love of seafood with a rewnewed love affair over our national brew

5) Winkle sellers on the Metro

Picture the scene, an elegantly quiffed vendor carrying a wicker basket loaded with winkles, cockles, muscles and other seafood treats to hungry, bearded passengers.

6) Flavoured gravies

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These could go down a storm at sampling events - or served in a test tube rack with each main course at your local sausage and mash cafe.

Salted caramel, green tea, coconut and raw cacao flavours could be winners.

7) Vintage Geordie Jeans

Imagine picking up some wonderfully retro denim from a bijoux boutique in a converted smithy.

8) Street food stotties

Perhaps sold from an upcycled caravan filled with panhaggerty/panackelty.

9) Ringtons tea-infused gin

This would be a must-have at any food and drink festival.

10) Boutique brass band

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A quartet of mufflered euphonium players who would play Mumford and Sons if they weren't such sell outs.

11) Post-ironic pigeon racing

Just itching to be adopted by the hipster fraternity, with designer flat caps, vintage lofts, arty flasks, and home-grown birdseed cultivated in your own microclimate.

12) Westoe Netty jute bags

Look down on your plastic bag-toting fellow shoppers as you swan past with your courgette spaghetti and spelt tucked neatly inside your cloth bag featuring Bob Olley's famous artwork.

13) Pulled pork parmos

The Teesside classic, given a modern twist. Would go lovely with a dollop of pease pudding houmous.

14) Paleo pot pie

Avocado in an almond crust - the healthy alternative to this Northern delight.