People have broken free

Well, we did it, we have broken the chains of the EU, and cast our vote to leave.

What gets me, is the clamour of the remain voters for another referendum, saying in fact that 1.5 million more voters are morons and that they were suffering from some kind of mental breakdown when they voted.

Have they not heard the word democracy, the majority overrules the minority.

The people of the North East have shown their contempt for the ruling class, that “elite” so-called political class, have shown them for years, being totally out of touch with the wants and needs of the working classes.

We in the North don’t mind getting our hands dirty, with the past heavy industries, ship building and steel etc, now we are free of EU constraints let us revitalise these, and get them up and running again.

I must add, of course, the part UKIP has played in this change of direction.

Like us or loathe us, we provided the platform for change that no other party had the guts to implement.

When and where the next elections arise, I hope you think long and hard on the way a certain political party, the so-called “workers party”, has treat you with – contempt!

I W Pallace