Filming at Bamburgh Castle.Filming at Bamburgh Castle.
Filming at Bamburgh Castle.

19 pictures from Bamburgh Castle as opening scenes shot for new Indiana Jones film

It’s almost exactly two years since filming for the latest Indiana Jones movie took place at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland.

A few dozen spectators patiently watching from the beach and dunes in June 2021 saw part of the movie set engulfed in flames, while plumes of smoke could also be seen emerging from the castle grounds.

There were also explosions and the sound of stuntbikes in action, although they remained hidden from public view behind the castle walls.

Now, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is set to be enjoyed by cinemagoers across the world as it goes on show on Wednesday, June 28.

And Bamburgh Castle features in the opening scenes.

Claire Watson-Armstrong, the current custodian of Bamburgh Castle along with her husband Francis, said: “We were absolutely delighted that Bamburgh Castle was chosen as a location to feature in such a cinema classic as Indiana Jones and can’t wait to see how the castle will appear.

“From the trailers released, Bamburgh Castle is clearly recognisable but we can’t wait to see the special effects and cinematography magic on the big screen.

“It was a pleasure to host the Indiana Jones crew and cast including the principal Harrison Ford and producer Frank Marshall who are true Hollywood icons.”

Meanwhile, a director behind the new Indiana Jones movie has revealed what attracted Hollywood to Northumberland.

"When we brought our director he immediately knew that Bamburgh was the right choice," location director Duncan Broadfoot told BBC Radio Newcastle.

The site was one of several locations which have doubled for 1944 war-torn Nazi Germany.

Mr Broadfoot said his team "scoured the length and breadth" of the country looking for castles.

"We narrowed it down to a couple of options and when we brought our director he immediately knew that Bamburgh was the right choice.

"We were there for two weeks dressing the castle and it looked really fantastic when we came to film.

"We had two key hooks that we were looking for that would tie us into a specific location," he said.

"One was a castle - we needed a castle that had a nice entrance, grand court yard and grand interior space and we found that in Bamburgh.”

Here are 19 pictures of the filming at Bamburgh Castle.