A salute to the Queen - South Shields animator Sheila Graber produces film tribute to Her Majesty

An award-winning South Tyneside artist and film animator has produced a video tribute to Her Majesty the Queen.

The short production shows Queen Elizabeth ll as she transforms through different eras of her lives.

The artist behind the work was Sheila Graber, 82, who said: “It is an evolution of her life as she has been in all our lives.”

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Sheila produced drawings of Her Majesty and then put together the animation from the pictures.

Sheila Graber's production in tribute to Her Majesty the Queen.

She said: “When she died, it was like losing a friend, someone who had been with us most of our lives.”

Sheila Graber’s outstanding creations will be known to millions of people as she has animated some of the best known’ programmes around.

The South Shields artist also produced more than 100 films from her home-based studio.

Sheila with the Lifetime Achievement trophy which she won at the Best of South Tyneside Awards.

Sheila also looked back with fondness on another Royal occasion. She was delighted when Paddington and the Queen starred together in footage for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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Sheila said: “They are both national treasures. Both are loved and it was very appropriate that they were having afternoon tea.”

“I think a lot of people, especially of my age can remember the events that the Queen had in her life, key events.”

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A part of Sheila's tribute to the Queen.
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Sheila is also continuing to sell her entire lifetime’s work with all profits going to local charities.

The number of art pieces runs into ‘hundreds if not thousands’ said Sheila. More than 200 of them can currently be viewed by clicking here.

She has already raised more than £10,000 and is raising money to share between The Customs House, Sea Change and Willows.

Her aim is to raise much more by continuing to sell her life’s work of drawing, paintings and cels from animated films from the age of 18 to 81.

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Sheila's drawing which made up part of the film tribute.

Sheila, born in South Shields in 1940, trained in Fine Art and Education and began animating “just for fun” in 1970.

Ten years later, the hobby turned into profession. She gave up her post as Head of Creative Studies at a comprehensive school to pursue animation full time.

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Sheila Graber pictured in 2017.