Charity trustees step down after serving South Tyneside for 30 years

Two charity trustees are stepping down after 30 years serving South Tyneside.

By Ross Robertson
Friday, 26th November 2021, 11:03 am
(front) Derrick Robson and Mark Charlton with fellow trustees (left to right) Daniel O’Mahoney, Mike Cuthbertson, Diana Pearce, Jeff Owen, Andrew Thurston
(front) Derrick Robson and Mark Charlton with fellow trustees (left to right) Daniel O’Mahoney, Mike Cuthbertson, Diana Pearce, Jeff Owen, Andrew Thurston

Solicitor, Derrick Robson and accountant, Mark Charlton, were appointed to the board of environment and regeneration charity Groundwork South and North Tyneside on its formation exactly 30 years ago.

Both have served as chair of the board during their time with the charity, chief executive Andrew Watts said they have played a key role in assisting the charity to grow and positively impact on the lives of many people in both boroughs.

The charity runs a number of projects in South Tyneside, including Jarrow Hall: Anglo-Saxon Farm, Village, and Bede Museum.

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Andrew said: “The time, commitment and specialist advice that Derrick and Mark have provided over three decades is incalculable. They have been an immense force for positive change and have enriched the lives not just of the people of the two boroughs but Groundwork staff and their fellow trustees.

“During their time with us, Groundwork has supported thousands of people into work, apprenticeships or training and rejuvenated swathes of urban green spaces.

"Under our guiding themes of creating sustainable communities, raising aspirations, enriching lives and creating better places, we have delivered a wide range of programmes and services from education enrichment to community programmes such as Green Gym, Marsden Road Health and Wellbeing Centre and GW Shop.”

He added: “Steering and guiding us through both the good and challenging times, has been an inspiring set of trustees who have given my staff and myself the confidence to embark on some very ambitious projects.

"A constant throughout that period have been Derrick and Mark and on behalf of everyone connected with Groundwork, I would like to thank them most sincerely for all they have done for our charity. They can be immensely proud of the contribution they have made.”

Derrick said: “The role has had its challenges but I have enjoyed working with superb people and partners to deliver the impact we see today.

"I am so proud to see the charity grow from three employees to the current 69, as well as providing over 20 employment opportunities through the Kickstart programme.

“I will really miss the organisation but I know that I will always be part of the Groundwork family. I wish the team all the best for the next phase of the journey, as our work has never been more needed than now due to the pandemic and the impact of climate change.’’

Mark said: “I have really enjoyed supporting Groundwork over the past 30 years, it’s a fabulous organisation that is true to its vision of changing places and changing lives.

"We have been involved in so many projects and while it’s easy to see the physical projects that we have implemented, it’s the social and community projects that I will remember with the most pride.

"Getting people into a job for the first time, supporting young people to gain a qualification, seeing volunteers benefiting from green exercise and children connecting with nature, these are the things that I am going to miss the most, as well as the commitment of the other trustees, staff and volunteers.”

He added: “Groundwork has also provided me, personally, with a lot of opportunities over the years. I have met so many great people and developed my knowledge around really important issues such as climate change. I wish Groundwork all the best for future.”