Concerns raised for 'stranded' seal in the sand dunes near Seaburn

A Whitburn resident has raised concerns after spotting a seal which she believes has become stranded on the beach in Seaburn.

Shortly before 7.30am on Tuesday, February 11, 46-year-old Hayley Banks of Whitburn was walking by Seaburn beach when she spotted a seal on the sand.

The grey and white seal was laid on its side between the sand dunes close to South Bents Avenue.

As she walked closer, she noticed that while it appeared to be moving to try and get up, it couldn’t, which led Hayley to believe that it had become injured and stranded.

Hayley called the RSPCA after becoming concerned that the seal was stranded.

Hayley raised concerns that the seal could be in danger if it wasn’t rescued as soon as possible and made safe. So, she called the RSPCA to let them know what she had found and where the seal was.

She said: “It looked like it was injured because it was laid on its side and couldn’t move to get itself up.

“I’m concerned about the seal because it’s stranded in the dunes and I’m conscious that dog walkers will be down that area and the seal will be scared.”

The seal was laid in the high winds as she captured photos and videos of it to show its position at that time.


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Hayley captured photos of the area to mark where she found the seal.

A spokeswoman for RSPCA said: “The caller has been advised that the seal sounds fit and healthy and to leave the seal alone. They have also been advised that if dog walkers are around to please recommend advising them to put their dogs on leads.”

A spokeswoman for BDMLR added: “It sounds like it was probably just resting after the bad weather. Seals haul out on beaches to rest and digest their food. It’s natural for a seal to lie on its side or back, often rolling around or flexing and curling their rear flippers.

“Seals need to be allowed this time to recover especially at this time of year when many of them are still young so don’t have the strength of the adult to cope with stormy seas.”


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If you are concerned about a seal, call BDMLR on 01825765546 or RSPCA on 03001234999.

Hayley spotted the seal while walking near Seaburn.