Epinay School students pay tribute to the Queen with touching artwork

Pupils at a South Tyneside school have honoured the late Queen Elizabeth II by producing artwork which was delivered to London to go among the nation's tributes.

Pupils at Epinay School, now based in South Shields, were asked if they wanted to make cards or produce some artwork to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, with students delighted to remember the former Queen.

After making cards featuring the Union flag, crowns and Her Majesty herself, the artwork was taken down to London by the school’s Chair of Governors, Cllr Audrey Huntley, who travelled to the capital to pay her respects shortly before the Queen’s state funeral.

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Chris Rue, headteacher, of Epinay, praised his students for wanting to pay tribute to the Queen and send messages of support to the Royal Family.

Staff and students at Epinay School with their tributes to the Queen

He said: “Like the rest of the nation, we were devastated to hear the news of the Queen's passing.

"The Chair of Governors, Cllr Huntley, asked the students if they would like to make some cards or artwork for her to take to London to pass on.

"Epinay students were delighted to help and classes produced a huge amount of excellent work. Some students wrote their own messages to reflect their sadness and some wrote comforting words to The Royal Family to let them know they were being thought of at this sad time.

“I am proud of the work the students produced and on behalf of the whole Epinay family, I wish to send my deepest condolences to The Royal Family and the nation."

Epinay School pupils tribute to the Queen
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The artwork was taken to London before the Queen's funeral
Students were keen to pay tribute to the late Queen