Everyone is struggling to pronounce Storm Ciara and people can't handle it on Twitter

Storm Ciara may have battered much of the county with strong winds and rain – but the pronunciation of its name has also taken a beating as many battle to say it correctly.

With gales of around 50mph and heavy rain causing flooding and transport chaos across the country, it’s fair to say that Storm Ciara has left its mark.

With many calling it after the singer best know for the hit that was ‘1,2, Step’, otherwise known as the R&B singer Ciara – pronounced “'See-ara”, others have come up with a range of variations including “Kee-ara”, “See-ara” and even “See-air-a”.


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With so many options, Twitter has been brought into meltdown as many argue the toss over which is the correct way to say the name of this now legendary storm.

(You would be forgiven if by now, you have the Destiny’s Child hit ‘Say My Name’ in your head.)

One Twitter user said: “As Irish names go I never thought there was much confusion surrounding the pronunciation and spelling of Ciara but this storm has proved me wrong.”

Another said: “Loving the pronunciation of Storm ‘Ciara’ from some English news outlets though.”


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Seaburn beach during Storm Ciara.

While another Twitter user waded in to say: “I was so disappointed when I found out that Storm Ciara was not pronounced like the singer of Like A Boy, but instead the Irish pronunciation of the name.

“It makes sense in hindsight, but I was hoping to see a BBC weather man doing the One, Two Step.”

And another user said: “Can you all get together and use the same pronunciation of Storm Ciara ? It’s Keera.”


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So what is the correct pronunciation?

The name derives from Irish origin and is actually said: “KEER-ah” - as in the actor Keira Knightly – despite the contrast in spelling.

We hope that clears it up.