Free for all or means tested? What South Tyneside said about free TV licences for over-75s

Families in South Tyneside have been having their say on the future of the TV licence.

Tuesday, 27th August 2019, 06:00 am
Updated Monday, 26th August 2019, 17:48 pm
Do you think TV licences for over 75s should be free? Picture: PA.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticised plans by the BBC which would see free TV licences for over-75s restricted to only those on pension credit, we asked you to share your views.

More than 900 people voted in a poll on the Shields Gazette Facebook page and, at time of writing, 89% voted that TV licences should be free for all over-75s.

Mr Johnson called on the BBC to "cough up" and fund free TV licences for all over-75s.

The Tory election manifesto in 2017 pledged to protect free licences – but the broadcaster said it cannot afford to foot the bill.

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Changing the benefit would strip millions of pensioners of their free licences.

Gazette readers have called for the “outdated” licence to be scrapped in its entirety.

Here’s what you said on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Jackie Evans: “It should be abolished.”

Tom Martin: “The TV licence is an antiquated and outdated way of needlessly forcing money out of people. It has to be abolished completely. The BBC have adverts on many of their networks channels around the rest of the world, just put them on here too.”

Ray Carrick: “Everyone should have it free these days its well out dated.”

Neil M Robinson: “So millionaires should be getting a free licence just because they are over 75?”

Lee Richardson: “The ones that vote no are communists.”

Jo-Anne Higgins: “Get rid all together.”