Gazette readers back fireworks ban

Fireworks should not be available for sale to the general public, say Gazette readers.

With Bonfire Night not far away, we asked: “Would you support a ban on selling to fireworks to the general public?”

Of 2,300 people, 73% said they should not be available to anyone, only to firework professionals, with 27% saying that the rules are fine as they are.

Steve Sullivan was in the majority, saying: “The amount of people that throw them in public areas seems to be increasing. There is no need for fireworks to be available to the public when there are so many fireworks displays including free fireworks displays.”

Gazette readers favoured a ban on sales of fireworks to the public by almost three to one.


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Lisa Hazell agreed. She said: “Definitely. They are a nuisance especially when they are going off weeks before and after bonfire night, spoils the novelty of the celebration.“Also people setting them off when it's not bonfire night have no consideration for the pets traumatised by the noise.Leave it to professionals!!!”

Lisa Dalglish was in no doubt, commenting: “I've said for years fireworks should be banned to the public. Far too dangerous. I witnessed teenagers deliberately put a load of fireworks in to a bonfire and then they ended up bouncing all over the field.”

Claire Braid fully agreed, saying: “Absolutely. It's just not right that anybody can go and buy explosives with the weekly shop. Organised displays by pyrotechnicians is the only way to go in my view.”

Steph Higgins said simply: “Always thought it should just be organised displays


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But for very personal reasons, Steph Roberts likes the current rules.

She said: “No, my children enjoy a few fireworks in their garden as due to disabilities my son is unable to go to large crowded organised displays.

“So a ban to sell to the public would be restricting the experience and the pleasure many people have safely in their own environment.”

Nicola Ward doesn’t want a change either.


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She said: “No. I love fireworks, never mind the kids lol. The louder the better and its only once a year.”