Gazette readers call for clearer allergen information on food menus and packaging

The majority of Shields Gazette readers have agreed that clearer allergen information is needed on food menus and packaging.

The majority of readers voted for clearer information.
Photo: PA
The majority of readers voted for clearer information. Photo: PA

This news stems from our recent social media poll where we asked: “Do you think food outlets should have clearer allergen information displayed on their menus and packaging?”

Out of the 490 people who voted, 448 voted for clearer information while only 42 voted against it.

Angela Burness said: “For sure.”

Some readers were shocked to see others voting against clearer information being used.


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Stultus es said: “Would any of you care to explain why you said No? It’s not like death could result from an allergic reaction.”

George Hyde commented: “Considering it could cost someone's life, is this even a question?”

Gemma Angel said: “l cant actually believe you are asking this as a poll. Life or death for some people - seriously.”

Rob Lamb called for more additions. He said: “Mandatory Hygiene rating on the door as well.”


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More local newspaper readers shared their views online.

John A Mendez outlined the severity of this. He said: “This is a question of life or death for some.”

Jackie Walton said: “I know a few people with severe or life-threatening allergies. They are sensible people and always ask if they are unsure. Staff are usually very good at helping and quite often will come back with a folder where each recipe’s ingredients are listed. Self help is half the battle.”

These results were recorded at 4.15pm on Sunday, September 15.