Gazette readers say adults can dress up for Halloween as well as children

Happy Halloween! The majority of Gazette readers have argued that anyone can dress up on Halloween and it’s not just for the children.

By Faye Dixon
Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 8:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st October 2019, 2:20 pm

This opinion comes from our recent Facebook poll.

On Wednesday, October 30, the day before Halloween, we asked you: “Should adults dress up for Halloween or should it just be for kids? Yes adults can enjoy it or dressing up is for kids?”

Out of the 364 readers who voted, 75% said adults can dress up too while 25% argued that we should leave it to the children.

Readers have had their say on Halloween costumes. Photo credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Online news readers shared their opinions.

Maria Wilkinson said: “Of course parents should be allowed to dress up. It’s all fun. They're not harming anyone. I painted my face last year to hand out candy.”

Glynis Marshall commented: “Halloween and dressup is for everyone of all ages.”

The poll opened up a can of worms regarding the origin of Halloween and whether we should take part in the UK.

Alan Collings said: “Well, people will do what they like, but its gotten totally O.T.T. with Americanisms! Why oh why?”

Tina Simpson added: “Turnip and a black bin liner in my day ridiculous trying to be like the Americans.”

Jane Swinhoe argued: “It's fun.”

Dave Calvert added: “It dates back to the middle ages. It's not an American tradition at all.”

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