Gazette readers share thoughts as fire service calls on more shops to stop selling fireworks

Gazette readers have spoken out on the fire service’s plan for more shops to stop selling fireworks.

Readers have shared their thoughts on selling fireworks.
Readers have shared their thoughts on selling fireworks.

Sainsbury’s became the first major supermarket to ban the sale of fireworks in their stores.

Customer’s have supported the supermarket’s decision along with animal organisations, charities and local fire and rescue services.

This is what you had to say on the issue.

Tony Horne said: “It spoils it for others who are responsible, but its worrying that its not only the kids/teens that are irresponsible with them its also some adults.”

Annette Keenlyside added: “Well done Sainsbury's for being the first. Hopefully the others will follow.”

Michelle Forster agreed: “They all should stop selling them. Sainsbury's deserves lots of praise for banning them from sales.”

Katrina Jane Hardy said: “Fireworks should only be done by the professionals plus it helps the fire brigade having to be called out before bonfire night to put a fire out.”

Jessica Norton commented: “Should all be banned for use until November 5 and only used at controlled displays. My dogs were terrified last night with people letting fireworks off.”

Others disagreed.

Mark Kirkwood said: “So we may as well cancel Halloween, Christmas and Easter and let the kids sit in the house play on there PS4 and have no life and no social skills.”

Graham Henderson said: “Tougher restrictions on purchasing them - yes. But why spoil it for the many because of the few?”

Some worries have been expressed that this will lead to fireworks being bought elsewhere.

George Hyde said: “The reality is fireworks are so easily accessible these days that they will inevitably get in the wrong hands of people who don't care about the consequences of there actions and unfortunately there are more horror stories of people getting hurt as each year goes by. I say ban them but that's just my opinion.”

Sharon Yorston said: “There’s now a shop dedicated to fireworks set right up in the middle of King Street with giant rockets in the window.”

James Moore said: “If they are banned in shops all it's doing is helping folks at home sell more fireworks.”