Karate club is in a 'league of it's own'

A karate club in South Tyneside is aiming to get more youngsters into the sport by creating a ‘league of their own’.
Competitors in action at the Temple Park Centre competition.Competitors in action at the Temple Park Centre competition.
Competitors in action at the Temple Park Centre competition.

The Dokan Karate club – which is based in Cleadon, Seburn and Redhouse, in Sunderland – hosted the first of its new Northern League tournaments at the Temple Park Centre, South Shields.

The competitions aim to be a “stepping stone” into competitive karate for youngsters.

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Dokan chief instructor, Kevan Mitchinson, said: “These competitions aim to offer the opportunity for youngsters of all ages and abilities to compete but are specifically designed as grassroots, friendly, events with the goal of introducing local children to the world of competitive sport karate.

"The tournament attracted 185 athletes from twelve clubs and the seventy categories were refereed by qualified officials who gave up their weekends to help make the event a huge success.”

The league consists of four competitions which will run throughout the course of the year – two being held at the Temple Park Centre, with the other two at the Charles Degaul Centre in Leeds.

Mr Mitchinson added: “We were really pleased with how this first event went. It gave a lot of youngsters and their families an insight in what karate is about.

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The next event is planned at the Temple Park Centre on October 27.

Dokan Karate Club has maintained a top end junior squad for over a decade and it’s members travel to competitions all over the country and abroad.

The club is currently recruiting. For details, call Mr Mitchinson on 07939130411 or email [email protected]