Majority of Shields Gazette readers don't think it should be made illegal for parents to smack their children

Most of the Shields Gazette readers who voted in a recent poll have said that they don’t think it should be made illegal for parents to smack their children.

These opinions come after members of the Scottish Parliament prepared to vote over a change in the law.

In a recent online poll, we asked you: “Do you think it should be made illegal for parents to smack their children?”

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Out of the 802 people who voted, 232 (29%) said yes while 562 (71%) said no.

Gazette readers have been keen to share their thoughts on the issue.

Maria Brown said: “Don't get me wrong I don't believe violence is the answer to anything but does anyone else think its strange that the less control we are allowed to have children be it at home or in school the more violent they are becoming. They don't seem to have any boundaries and they know nothing of consequences.”

Ray Carrick said: “Smacking to beating your children is a big difference. I have never smacked mine but i think it should be used as a last resource. I don’t think it should be banned.”

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Stephen Sullivan added: “It’s a tough one isn’t it. You shouldn’t really hit a child, however, a smack when we were younger taught us a lesson and when we did something wrong and got a smack we never did it again!”

Abigail Elizabeth Kennedy argued: “Children are constantly told that aggression is not the answer and then at home they get an entirely different message when a parent smacks them. There are other ways to punish a child and other ways to help them learn than resorting to violence.”

Sylvia Besnard said: “Just the warning that we may get a smack was enough to keep us in check. We haven't turned out to be aggressive.”

Craig Judson added: “So shocked about the percentage of this.”

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Rachel Arnett agreed: “I'm so confused why so many have said no.”

Lesley Matthews said: “Thought it was already illegal?”

These results were recorded at 8.20pm on Thursday, October 3.

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