Celebrating National Pet Day and Month across the North East.

National Pet Day 2022: Celebrating the North East's pets as part of month-long campaign

Pet owners across the North East and beyond have come together to celebrate National Pet Day and National Pet Month, which both fall in April.

In honour of this year’s National Pet Day – which was on Monday, April 11 – we asked the readers to get in touch with pictures of their animal companions on the day they came home, versus today.

There were so many fantastic snaps from the past and present, we decided to dedicate a week of our Pets’ Corner feature to this series of pictures.

The National Pet Month initiative is also running this month (from April 1 until May 2). It champions and raises awareness of responsible pet ownership.

Here are some of your adorable photographs.

Don’t worry if you can’t see your picture featured here. We received so many images for National Pet Month and National Pet Day, we just couldn’t fit them all in! We’ll put together another Pets’ Corner round-up to share soon.

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