Northern Gas Networks (NGN) investigate strong smell of gas across Sunderland and South Shields

Sunderland and Shields locals have reported a strong and unpleasant smell of gas.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 9:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th July 2019, 10:52 pm
The reports of the smell of gas have been ongoing

Multiple people have recorded smelling a strong gas-like odour on Thursday, July 25.

Gaynor Truby, 49, from Ryhope claimed that she could smell it in Ryhope and her daughter could also smell it in Silksworth: “When I took the dog out in the morning, I could smell gas but I couldn’t say where the smell was coming from. It was quite strong.

“It’s a bit worrying for your health really.”

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Rachael Fovargue, 34, from Pallion said: “I was able to smell the gas at around dinner time. I was initially concerned that it was an appliance in my home but the scent grew stronger as I walked out the door.

“I then went out and was still able to smell it very strongly even on the north side of the River Wear. It’s a horrible smell and there’s a concern as to what we could be breathing in.”

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) is carrying out investigations. It was reported in Sunderland, South Shields, and as far as Wallsend and Whitley Bay.

Ian Waddle, NGN Head of Customer Operations Support said: “Northern Gas Networks has received a high volume of calls this morning relating to a strong smell of gas between the Tyne and the Wear, all of which we are attending. We do not believe the smell to be gas network-related.”

If anyone smells gas they should call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.