One in 20 in South Tyneside are military veterans

One in 20 people living in South Tyneside is a veteran of the armed forces, the first figures of their kind reveal.
First military veteran figures.First military veteran figures.
First military veteran figures.

For the first time, census respondents in 2021 were asked whether they had previously served in the military and the figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show 6,464 people in the area said they were a veteran at the time of the census – five per cent of residents.

Of them, 4,549 had served in the regular armed forces and 1,572 as reserves.

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In England and Wales, 1.9 million people (3.8%) said they had previously served in the regular armed forces, reserve forces, or both, at the time of the census.

Around 37,000 (2%) of them lived in communal establishments – which can include student halls of residence, an armed forces base, hospital or care home – while the vast majority lived in households.

In South Tyneside, 73 veterans (​1%) were in communal establishments last year, and 6,391 (99%) were in households.

Across the North East as a whole, five per cent of people who responded to the census were ex-forces.

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National statistician Sir Ian Diamond said: “For the first time our data is able to show the scale of our armed forces community, which is vital information to help direct support and services where they are needed most.

“Perhaps unsurprisingly a large proportion of our veterans live or are located near military establishments, suggesting they tend to stay in the same areas after they have left service.”