Retired police inspector faces misconduct hearing - which will be held in private

A retired police inspector from South Tyneside will face a misconduct hearing behind closed doors.

Monday, 6th January 2020, 8:42 am
File picture: Steve Appleton. The misconduct hearing will take place at Houghton Police Station

Former inspector Steve Appleton roles with Northumbria Police included working as acting chief inspector for South Tyneside.

But he now faces a three-day misconduct hearing following an investigation by the force’s Standards of Professional Behaviour.

The claims made about the former officer’s conduct include breaching confidentiality, disobeying orders and instructions and ‘discreditable conduct’.

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Houghton Police Station.

The full extent about the allegations made about former inspector won’t be made made public after it was decided the meeting would be held in private.

In 2015, misconduct hearings were made public by then Home Secretary Theresa May.

She said they needed to be held in public to be “more robust, independent and transparent.”

Misconduct hearings are regularly held in public however in this instance a decision has been made to hold it behind closed doors.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: “Northumbria Police does not determine whether misconduct hearings are held in private or public. In line with national guidelines, this is a decision made by the independent legally-qualified chair of the hearing.”

The hearing is expected to begin at 10am on Monday, January 6 and will last three days.

The misconduct allegations will be heard in full at Houghton Police Station.