Shields Gazette readers give thumbs up to same sex couples on Strictly Come Dancing

Shields Gazette readers have given a big thumbs-up to the idea of same sex couple competing on Strictly Come Dancing.

Boldon's Faye Tozer and partner Giovanni Pernice on last year's Strictly Come Dancing
Boldon's Faye Tozer and partner Giovanni Pernice on last year's Strictly Come Dancing

The hugely popular show returns next weekend – with South Tyneside’s own Chris Ramsey among those competing – and BBC bosses have confirmed they are open to having same sex couples next year.

We asked readers what they thought – and 58 per cent of voters in our Facebook poll – said they backed the plan.

Michelle Young wrote: “ I think it's about time!!!!! There is nothing wrong with same sex couples. It's dancing, not an X-rated Movie!!!

“Prime T.V. is all about embracing our lives and everyone deserves to be in the spotlight!!! “I say go for it and enjoy. Xx”

Kez K. Galloway said: “Other countries’ versions have had same sex couples before so this isn't exactly a new thing tbh,” while Rebecca Elizabeth Thorpe said: “I don't understand how this is even a question.

“Was there a vote if there could be a man and a woman dancing together? No? So why is there one of the same sex dancing together?“This world has gone crazy.

“It is normal to fall in love, it is normal to find people attractive, so what difference does the gender of the person make?”

Karen Ratcliffe said: “I can’t think of a single valid reason why anyone would be against a same-sex couple dancing. I can only guess homophobia. A guess. At no point have I said “everyone who voted no must be homophobic,” but Wendy Jackson Lee replied: “The dances they do suit male and female. Who says the same sex dancers will be gay? If I watch a waltz, I'd rather watch the male lead the female.”

Lorie Nichol agreed: “I voted no but it’s nothing to do with sexual orientation at all,” she said.

“It’s simply male and female dancers are built differently and the dances are suited to the man being more dominant and stronger, it’s just the way the dances are.

“I’d be more than happy to watch a gay dancer kiss his/her gf/bf after they killed it on the dance floor with their dancing partner!!”

Martin Allison was less keen: “I am not against it but do not wish to see it on prime time telly before the watershed as if it was the norm,” he wrote.

But Paul Hunter replied: “What's the norm? I'm a heterosexual married man. I went to a gig three weeks ago and spent some of the night dancing with my mates.”