Shields Gazette readers want to see drivers banned from parking on the pavement

Shields Gazette readers want to see a ban on careless drivers parking on pavements.

Gazette readers want to see motorists banned from parking on the pavement
Gazette readers want to see motorists banned from parking on the pavement

We asked you ‘Should motorists be banned from parking on pavements?’ in our on-line poll.

More than 1,000 people voted on our Facebook page, with 66 per cent saying they backed the plan.

Keith Ford said: “ Yes who pays for the broken pavements? I would say the public! No parking on pavements!! End of,” while Richard Lees wrote: “Of course they should. See the car parking on pavements page for photos of some truly awful and selfish examples of terrible parking!” while Martin Brown asked:” Why would people vote no? I saw an example of this a couple of weeks ago, where a van was totally blocking (which is an offence) the pavement, and a lady in a mobility scooter could not get past.”

But a lot of people felt the problem lay with badly designed streets and neighbourhoods.

Lynsey Simmons said: “In an ideal world, yes. In most cases our streets are too narrow so for practical purposes people have to mount the pavement.

“If they didn't, there wouldn't be anywhere to park.”

Garry McKenna siad: “Residents where I live have to mount paths to park. It’s the result of widened paths. If everyone was to park on the roads it would gridlock,” and Dan 'Geordie' Morgan wrote: “I agree about the buggies and wheelchair but I park on the path outside my house. If I park on the road no cars are getting up a very busy street!! The council need to make to paths smaller and put In bays for the cars.”

David Richardson wrote: “Some roads aren't designed or are big enough to cater for the amount of vehicles in modern day house holds. But parking should not restrict the access of predestination, prams & buggies.


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And Jonathan Kelly was concerned about access for emergency services: “Love to see a Fire Engine or Ambulance try and get through a narrow street when everyone's parked on the road.”