South Tyneside pub crawl poster created in style of London Underground map

Ever needed to check you were heading in the right direction on a lengthy pub crawl?

Steve Lovell's South Tyneside Orderaround map.
Steve Lovell's South Tyneside Orderaround map.

Well here's your opportunity courtesy of a poster of 99 South Tyneside bars, hotels and restaurants designed as a tribute to London Underground maps.

Artist Steve Lovell, 44, from Leeds, who has designed colourful guides to hoseltries in his native Yorkshire since 2013, has extended his talents north with his latest creation.

He chose South Tyneside after a request from a potential customer - who then decided against buying the finished product.

Steve Lovell with his South Tyneside pub map in a photoshopped image outside the New Crown, in South Shields.

Call centre worker Steve explained: "I made the South Tyneside map after someone recently asked if I could make one that included Jarrow.

"I don’t usually take requests. But I gave in and then the person didn’t even reply or buy it.

"I always liked the design of the London Underground map and a few years ago I decided to see if I could make a map of pubs instead of stations that would cover all of Leeds.

"I was really pleased with the result and the map has been quite popular."

Steve's Leeds map was followed by similar creations for nearby locations such as Harrogate, Bradford and Huddersfield.

His latest A3 poster, which covers the entire borough and is called South Tyneside Orderaround, is his third for the North East after Newcastle and Darlington.

He said: "To make these, I spend time getting information from maps and other online sources and then spending much more time on making all that information into a geometrical map in the iconic style of Harry Beck’s London Underground diagram.

"The map should currently be accurate but I’m always happy to take note of places to add, remove or change.

"Although the map is mostly pubs and bars it also includes places like restaurants and hotels that have decent bar areas, but no clubs of any kind."

Steve's design skills have extended to the photoshopped image of himself holding a poster outside the New Crown pub, in South Shields.

He confessed: "It also means that unfortunately I haven’t been to any of the pubs on this map yet, which is unusual for me."

Copies are available at for £12.50 including delivery.