The people in your hearts and minds ahead of our National Day of Reflection

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 will mark one year since Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the first national lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 12 months since that life-changing announcement have been tough on so many of us.

And one year after we were plunged into lockdown for the first time, charity Marie Curie has invited families across the UK to unite in a National Day of Reflection, remembering those we have lost and keeping those who have been bereaved in our thoughts.

Ahead of that date, we asked you to share the stories of those you will be holding in your hearts after a 12 months like no other.

A National Day of Reflection has been proposed for Tuesday, March 23 - 12 months on from the start of the first lockdown.


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As we offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who opened up to us on our social media pages, here is what you had to say.

Our thoughts are with you all:

Victoria Anne: “My Uncle Gary passed away on February 6 to Covid, only 56-years-old and worked in a care home. I miss him every single day.”

Jean Parker: “My dear husband Brian who sadly passed away due to Covid on October 2 after being in a care home for a year due to severe Alzheimer’s, love and miss him everyday and will live in my heart forever.”


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Dee Wanless: “My grandparents, they were my best friends and we lost them both within 17 months of each other.”

Esther Pringle: “Cancer took my beautiful mum on January 30 this year. I only saw her three times last year. It’s my birthday tomorrow. I miss her so much.”

Christine Hall: “Mam, dad and all those poor people who have lost their lives to this virus.”

Jackie Laws: “My beautiful sister Yvonne Dodsworth, November 5 aged 58, and friend Lisa Kenny, February 4 aged 53.”


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Pauline Ranson: “My husband Brian, it would have been our wedding anniversary on 23rd. Miss him so much.”

Milly Hobson: “Covid took my beautiful gran on January 18, age 98.”

Gloria Dixon: “My Mam, Dad and my lovely sister and all the people who have lost their lives with this pandemic.”

Clare May: “My dad I lost in August of 2018 and my mum who's still fighting the after effects of Covid at December 28 this year.”


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Leanne Hamilton: “Gran and granda, who I lost in 2018, and my Uncle Tommy who I lost in 2020 during the pandemic.”

Tracy Waters: “My 25-year-old son who passed away recently. He’s in my heart and on my mind every second of every day. RIP Jack Mandeville, miss you so much son.”

Lauren Davies: “My dad who died fairly suddenly on the February 26 after fighting the big C for 26 years. He became poorly with a chest infection and just couldn't fight anymore. RIP Dad. Love you always.”

Jayne Brown: “One of my best friends Susan Bew - I will be thinking of her and her lovely family remembering all the good times over 42 years of friendship."


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Tracy Watling: “My Dad who is in intensive care at James Cook and has been for over three weeks. He is a fighter and hope he continues. Love you Dad.”

Lesley Shave: “My husband passed on January 5 of Covid, aged 61. We love and miss him so much.”

Ann Hogg: “My sister Lynne Swinhoe.”

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