These are the North East's naughtiest children's names as chosen by teachers and parents

Jack and Sophia are the ‘naughtiest names’ of North East children, while Noah and Isabella are best behaved, according to new research.

By Tony Gillan
Friday, 25th October 2019, 1:09 pm

The study, which involved 1,500 teachers, children and parents in the UK, found that Brits make quick assumptions about a child based on their first name, with strong stereotypes associated with each one.

Nationally results found that children named George and Isabella are considered the most intelligent in class, with over one in 10 believing it the most “intellectual” name from this year’s top boys names list. George is also associated with kindness.

According to teachers, Isabellas are the most capable girls in the class. However, over one in 10 children assumes Isabellas and Harrys will be spoilt, based on their first name alone. Teachers think Olivers are most indulged.

Aaah. But will these two be less adorable if they are given certain names?

In the research, commissioned by iron-on name label company My Nametags, girls names were generally considered “less naughty” than boys names.

Chartered clinical psychologist and scientist, Linda Blair, said: “Once we’ve formed a stereotype, it becomes fixed in our minds because of a phenomenon known as ‘confirmatory bias’.

“This is when we look for and remember people who match up to the stereotype we’ve formed.”

The top five naughtiest boys names in the North East are:

Jack Charlie Harry Leo Oliver

The top five naughtiest girls names in the North East are:

Sophia Mia Olivia Emily Amelia

The top 5 best-behaved boys names in the North East are:






The top 5 best-behaved girls names in the North East are:

Isabella Isla Ella Ava Grace