This is how much funerals cost in each area in the North East

According to findings from a Royal London study, these are the average prices of funerals in the North East.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 7:00 am
Funeral prices have been ranked in average by Royal London.

The average cost of a funeral in the North East is £3,659 which makes it one of the least expensive regions in the UK for a funeral. But there is big variation between different council areas.

Sunderland is the most expensive area in the North East for a basic funeral with an average cost of £3,853. An average burial costs £4,388 and the average price for a cremation is £3,317.
The average funeral price for Bishop Auckland is £3,805 with £4,308 for a burial and £3,302 for a cremation.

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Blyth's average funeral costs £3,778. The average burial is £4,304 and a cremation averages at £3,252.
The average funeral in Newcastle works out as £3,727. For burials it is £4,182 and cremations are around £3,271.
Durham Central and Durham North have the same average of £3,720 with £4,308 for burials and £3,132 for cremations.
South Shields funerals average at £3,702 with £4,135 for burials and £3,268 for cremations.
Hartlepool's funeral price average is £3,665 with burials at £4,116 and cremations costing around £3,213.
Darlington's average price is £3,670. A burial price is around £4,013 in this area with cremations averaging at £3,327.
Middlesbrough's average price for funerals is £3,549. For burials, the average is £3,874 with cremations being significantly less at £3,224.
Funerals in Tynemouth average at a price of £3,518 with a slightly higher price for burials at £3,819 and a lower price for cremations at around £3,217.
Whitley Bay's average funeral costs £3,518. It is around £3,819 for a burial and £3,217 for a cremation.
Birtley's funeral prices are at an average of £3,502 with burials at £3,812 and cremations at £3,191.
Gateshead and Birtley appear to have the lowest average price for funerals in the North East at £3,502. The burial prices and cremation prices match Birtley's average.