Victims of 'sexual predator' Selina Sharafi praised by police for their 'bravery and strength'

Detectives have commended the bravery of a sexual predator’s victims after coming forward ensuring she was ‘held accountable for her action’.
Selina SharafiSelina Sharafi
Selina Sharafi

In her teens, Selina Sharafi, now 37, abused two younger girls, with one victim describing her as a “sexual predator”.

Sharafi, of Devon Road, Hebburn, denied her abusive past but in December 2019, at Newcastle Crown Court, she was found guilty of five cases of indecent assault.

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In a statement, which was read out in court, one victim spoke of her relief that the jury found Sharafi guilty.

She spoke about the effects of the abuse she suffered, how it caused her to spiral into a depression and even attempt to take her own life.

She said: “I can say I lost hope at ever becoming anything in life, it has knocked my confidence in so many ways and had an unbearable effect on my life.

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“I really hope this sentencing gives me the closure I need and I am able to move on with my career that I have worked so hard to achieve.”

The officer in charge of the case, Detective Sergeant Michelle Gregory has praised the victims for coming forward.

She said: "The two girls in this particular case showed an incredible amount of bravery and it is because of this Sharafi has been held accountable for her actions.

“Sharafi’s actions caused her victims to suffer a great deal as children and that suffering continued into adulthood, haunting them at every stage of life.

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“I am amazed by the victims’ bravery and strength and I sincerely hope the conviction has given them some comfort.

“I appeal to anyone who has, or is, suffering similar abuse to please come forward and speak to police. We will give you every support possible and work hard to bring your attacker to justice.

“Cases like this show a conviction is possible. Nobody should have to live with a secret like this, please come forward.”