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The use of wild animals in travelling circuses could be made illegal in Wales, after ‘overwhelming’ support change from the country’s Government.

By Debra Fox
Monday, 08 July, 2019, 07:39
Would you like to see wild animals banned from circuses? Picture: Pixabay.

The Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Bill is expected to be laid before the National Assembly on Monday, July 8 and could see those breaking the law left punished with an unlimited fine. If approved, the legislation would prevent the use of camels, zebras and reindeer. Similar legislation is set to be introduced in England from 2020. It already exists in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove made the pledge for England in May this year – and said the use of wild animals in the circus has ‘no place in modern society’.

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His announcement followed a commitment from the Government in February 2018 to introduce a ban by the time the existing interim licensing regulations expire in January 2020.