Watch trailer for new documentary following Northumbria Police investigations

A documentary following the work of Northumbria Police is set to hit television screens.

Northumbria Police are to feature in a prime time series giving viewers an insight into the people behind the badge, with the first instalment of Our Cops in the North to will air on BBC One on Wednesday, July 17, at 9pm.

The six-part series looks at the diverse and colourful characters working within the force who consistently go above and beyond to protect the communities they serve, from investigating murder to motorbike theft and poaching to pub fights.

Ranked the best force for ‘customer satisfaction’ in the country, the 5,000 staff in Northumbria respond to more than 18,000 calls a week from across one of the UK’s most geographically diverse regions, covering more than 2,000 square miles of cities, coastline and open countryside.

Our Cops in the North follows Northumbria Police officers and staff as they tackle crime investigations across the force.

Now the public will get an opportunity to see first-hand the human side of the officers and staff who serve the force.

Northumbria Police Chief Constable Winton Keenen said: “We are incredibly proud of those that work in the force, who each have their own reasons and motivations for wanting to protect the communities they serve.

“This series is about those people who put themselves on the front-line every single day, and do so with humanity, humour and an unshakeable pride in their patch and the people who live in it.

“Northumbria is one of the most geographically diverse regions, from our rural officers responding to incidents in the isolated north to detectives leading large-scale investigations into violent crime in our major cities.

Detective Chief Inspector John Bent is among the officers featured in the documentary.

“We hope this documentary helps to showcase the character of Northumbria Police, the incredible professionalism of those who work in the Force, and the relationships they have with those living in our communities.”

Each of the three episodes will cover a week in the Force, following a crime from the moment of call-out and showing how officers and detectives gather evidence to lead to a possible conviction.

The programme is made by 72 Films and will air on the following three Wednesday evenings at 9pm on BBC One, with a further three episodes will also be aired later in the year.

Teams of officers are followed as they investigate a host of crimes in the new show, Our Cops in the North.
Officers serving rural areas of Northumberland are followed during the run of Our Cops in the North.
The first three episodes of Our Officers in the North will be screened in coming weeks, with a further three to go out later in the year.