'We were made to be meat eaters' and 'only wish I had done it sooner' - 10 things you said about becoming vegan

Readers dished up a varied menu of responses to our poll on whether you would be prepared to adopt a vegan diet.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 11:54 pm
Updated Friday, 13th September 2019, 11:48 am
Heather Mills with vegan cakes at the new Plant Base Valley vegan food production factory at Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, on September 12.

At time of writing, 80% of voters on our Facebook page said they wouldn’t, and a healthy online debate emerged on both sides.

Dean Gray: “I would so long as there was enough variety in the food and it wasn't lacking in necessary vitamins and protein.”

Jacqui Knighton: “I am happy to have a meat free day or two a week but vegan is too much for me.

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“That’s a whole lifestyle choice if you are totally vegan as it also impacts on such things as the clothes, shoes, household products, etc you buy.”

Susan Walby: “Surely it's down to the individual. I eat meat but less and less because I enjoy vegetarian and some vegan food.”

Rachel O'Donovan: “Nope, the way our teeth form, the way our gut digests food, we were made to be meat eaters.”

Laura Peterson: “Yes because I care about animals, my health and the environment. I've been vegan for years”

Kristina Dawson: “Been vegan for nine years and was veggie for over 30 years prior to that. Best thing I ever did and like most people who have made the switch, I should have done it sooner!”

Bryan Littler: “Turned vegetarian last year after 51 years as a meat eater.

“Within a month I felt much better, fitter lost weight. Always said that I didn't feel as though I had eaten unless meat was in the plate. So many alternatives now that are better for you, and just as tasty.

Katie Mowles: “If it’s been proven that some meat is carcinogenic, that going vegan is one of the biggest positive impacts on the planet, and you won’t be contributing to animals being slaughtered, then why wouldn’t you? So easy to do these days!”

Diane Kay: “10 years vegan! Only wish I had done it sooner.”

Kris Louise Elliott: “I love all food groups so I would find it hard to keep a varied diet if It was a vegan diet!

“Not for me. Nice to see others enjoy it though.”