West Boldon Post Office and Village Store Christmas tree display raises £1,300 for food banks

A post office at the heart of its community has smashed the target it set for a Christmas tree food bank idea.

West Boldon Post Office and Village Store is run by husband and wife Sean and Katie Hudson, who have come up with many fundraising ideas over the years.

Each Remembrance Day they raise money by adorning lampposts and street furniture of the Boldons with huge poppies. The poppies are supplied by Hebburn fabrication firm Q-Laser.

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Adopting the age-old North East motto of “Shy bairns get nowt”, the couple asked if the firm could supply them with Christmas trees to create a tree trail along West Boldon’s main street.

One of the trees was placed outside the post office itself.

Q-Laser duly obliged, free of charge. Boldonians were then asked to donate £10 in return for the pleasure the trees provided.

The trees are now gone, but the total has now been totted up and £1,300 has been raised, easily hitting the £1,000 target.

The Christmas trees lined West Boldon’s main street, each showing a bigger total the further east they went; like a Blue Peter ‘totaliser’. The money will be split equally between the Key Food Bank and the Boldon CA Food Bank.

Sean said: “We were possibly a little bit cheeky in asking Q-Laser if they would cut some trees as well, but they said they would.

The trees raised £1,00 for two food banks.

“Kate had the idea for the Christmas trees, which we just did in West Boldon because we weren’t sure how it would go. We put more and more trees up until we reached the target. We suggested a donation of £10 and a lot of people gave even more.

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“The target was £1,000 and we thought that was a little ambitious in the current climate. On the other hand you’ve got to have a target. We’ve actually raised £1,300. The funding went through our GoFundMe page or directly to the Post Office.

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“The food banks were delighted. We didn’t know whether it was needed for food or presents, so we’ve just let them choose.

Katie and Sean Hudson, who run West Boldon Post Office and Village Store, were behind the fundraiser.
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“We’ve still got the food box outside for the food banks – and that needs emptying two or three times a week.”