Photo selection provides a brush with the past

Today's selection box of snaps features a Christmas fair and lots of other scenes from around South Tyneside over the years.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 07 January, 2019, 08:06
A three day paint job on the Pier Pavilion was completed in July 1992.

The festive fair, (pictured bottom right) took place at the Perth Green Day Centre for the elderly in November 1982, while the two images to the right, show volunteers completing a paint job on the Westovian Theatre Pier Pavilion in July 1992, and Marion Bethell, an assistant at Quigley’s, replenishing a deep freeze in 1971.

Below them, is a scene from the interior of the Grey Horse, East Boldon, in December 1970 while under these words is a shot of Angela Holmes demonstrating her cycling skills in October 1991. What can you tell us all about any of the photos?

In October 1991 Angela Holmes demonstrates the finer points of a cycling skills course.

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Inside the Grey Horse, East Boldon in December 1970.
Members of the Perth Green Day Centre for the elderly with some of the handicarafts which were on sale at a fair held at the Jarrow centre to raise funds in November 1982 .