Poem: When I was young

When I was young I made mud pies

And lay on my back watching clouds in the skies

Put a book on a roller skate and whizzed down the street

And got threpence a day to buy a sweet treat

I played in the street or along the old line

Catching bumble bees to pass the time

Or down by the pond where the sticklebacks swam

Then thru the park and back to mam

I scratched Jack Frost off a window pane

And sledged like a rocket down the back lane

Hands and feet that felt like ice

But a roaring fire thawed them out nice

I played three baller off the wall

And skipped in the street with one and all

I played hide and seek behind the netty

And ran races thru streets till puffed and sweaty

Out on my bike all alone

I’d have an adventure before going home

I discovered nature with hands and eyes

And was always asking how, when, what, and why?

I had no Facebook, I had no twitter

I wrote and sent cards and letters

I had no web, no iPad, no phone

But I had the chance to explore and roam

Now I am an OAP

I am rich with memories

Of when I was young

Georgina Smith

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