Anti-bike barriers and CCTV among plans to stamp out nuisance riders in South Tyneside

‘We will crush them’ – the tough warning to ‘untouchable’ rogue riders as anti-bike barriers and CCTV cameras were revealed among new plans to tackle the ‘scourge’ of motor menaces in South Tyneside.

By James Harrison
Friday, 13th September 2019, 2:09 pm

Now he hopes to have barriers and CCTV installed at hotspots, to catch bikers before they have the chance to cause trouble.

Coun McCabe said: “We’ve developed a plan which involves a couple of barriers being fitted at Monkton Village, off the Mineral Line.

Stock picture from Pixabay

“We’re putting more signage up and I’ve been in touch with the PCC’s office, they’ve got an operation in Gateshead and Newcastle and I’m asking for that to be rolled out into our area and I’m meeting with Northumbria Police to see that there’s enforcement action against these bikes.”

He added: “These kids think they’re untouchable – we’re going to take their bikes, we’re going to crush them and then we’re going to take court action.”

Coun McCabe, who said he is ‘determined to stop this before anyone is killed’ has previously claimed many bikers travel to South Tyneside from Gateshead.

The new measures, a joint project between South Tyneside Council and Northumbria Police, could be in place by April 2020.

Councillor John McCabe

The start of spring and ‘light nights’ traditionally sees a spike in complaints about nuisance riders.

A South Tyneside Council spokesman said: “We are reviewing the types of barrier for suitability as we need to maintain access from these important pathways for residents and visitors alike.

“In the meantime, we would urge residents for their support in identifying where these bikes are stored so that we can work with the police to take appropriate action.”

Sergeant Angela Lewis of Northumbria Police said: “The antisocial behaviour of a few can have a significant impact on residents.

“As a result, we are committed to dealing with this type of behaviour and will continue to work with our partners to prevent these issues.

“I would always encourage members of the public who are concerned about anti-social behaviour in their area to speak to a nearby officer or contact police.”