Calls to tackle problem parking causing misery for people on South Shields estate

A raft of new measures are in the offing in a bid to halt “irresponsible parking” causing a danger to road users and pedestrians on a South Tyneside estate.

By Lisa Nightingale
Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 12:03 pm

People living on the Parkway estate in South Shields have hit out at the increasing number of drivers who they say are leaving vehicles parked up on the kerbside of a bend in the road in Low Lane, South Shields.

They say the “irresponsible parking” is making the area even more hazardous for drivers – especially at night.

Work vans and minibuses have also been known to be park up on the bend reducing the visibility of those using the road, they added.

Parking problems have proved a headache on the Parkway estate.

Councillors for the area say they have been out and about and have called on the council's traffic department to step in and take a look to see what can be done to alleviate the problem.

Residents say there are a number of dedicated parking bays at the back of properties for those living in Low Lane, but say they are very rarely used.

Deborah Roberts, who lives on the Parkway estate, said: “It is getting worse. You have people parking their cars on the bend when they have dedicated parking spaces round the back of their houses. And it's not just cars that are being parked there, it's work vans and sometimes minibuses.

“This has nothing to do with the welfare which has been suggested, it is down to people being irresponsible with their parking, causing a hazard and a danger.

Councillors Doreen Purvis (Centre) with Ken Dawes and Ernest Gibson.

“It is a blind corner made even worse when you have a big van parked on the side of the road.”

Vehicles parked on the pavements are also making it difficult for those in wheelchairs and other mobility aids, according to residents.

John Johnson, 89, said he is often forced onto the road to pass a number of cars that block the pathway.

He said he has also had issues in the past with ambulances not being able to park in front of his home due to inconsiderate parking.

Cars said to be causing a problem on the Parkway estate.

John, who has lived on the estate for 55 years, said: “It is a nice area but the parking is getting worse round here.

"You have cars and other vehicles blocking the pavement and the road, and you have people running businesses selling cars taking up parking spaces.

“The car park was put in there for the houses, not for someone to park vehicles there as part of a business and now you have people parking on the roadside causing a danger to those using the road and up on the pavements, stopping people with wheelchairs from getting past.

“Only a fortnight ago there was an accident on the bend. Something needs to be done.”

Wheelchair and mobility scooter users say they have had problems using the pavement.

Councillor Ernest Gibson, who represents for Whiteleas, said: “The parking is an issue that has been raised by residents and one we are taking extremely seriously.

"We have been out in the area on a number of occasions and have seen for ourselves the number of vehicles – including buses – that have been parked up on the kerbside in Low Lane, making the area even more dangerous for road users.

“Where they are parking is a bend and a blind spot and these vehicles are making that blind spot even worse.

"We are well aware there has been an accident here due to drivers not being able to see round the bend due to the number of vehicles parked on it, but yet, dedicated parking at the back of the properties remains relatively empty.”

He added: “We have been on to traffic management at the council and a consultation will be taken over the next few days with residents in the hope we can alleviate the problem.”