Road safety fears on busy South Shields street see driveway plans rejected

Proposed 'concrete crossover' driveway for South Shields home refused by council planners over highway safety concerns.

Earlier this year, 2022, South Tyneside Council’s planning department received an application for a new driveway at a property in Whiteleas Way.

According to proposals, the “concrete crossover” would provide a new access over a grassed verge, two footpaths and an existing parallel parking layby, to gain access to the main road.

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Some neighbouring properties on the street already have similar in place, but fears were raised in two objection letters from neighbours over the impact on parking.

Whiteleas Way, South Shields
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Both objectors noted historic parking issues on the street and claimed the proposals would take away parking spaces for residents and make parking more difficult.

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South Tyneside Council’s highway authority also raised a number of concerns about the scheme regarding highway safety.

This included the plans increasing the potential for crashes due to visibility issues, as well as concerns about vehicles having to reverse onto Whiteleas Way due to the lack of a “turning area”.

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Highways officers added if the scheme was to progress with required “visibility splays”, this would “sterilise/remove existing car parking provision for other residents of the estate” and could displace parking issues elsewhere.

A council report issued last month formally rejected the scheme, stating it would cause “significant detrimental impact upon the highway safety”.

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It adds: “Given the highway safety concerns above, as well as the potential loss of resident parking spaces from the layby adjacent in order to accommodate the necessary visibility splays, the highway authority objects to the application on highway safety grounds, including the potential loss of resident parking spaces from the layby serving other residents and visitors.

“The proposal is considered to not be satisfactory with regard to highways safety.”