Welcome for £200,000 to help provide accommodation for rough sleepers in South Tyneside

Conservatives in South Tyneside have welcomed almost £200,000 allocated to help house rough sleepers in the borough.

Friday, 25th March 2022, 11:17 am
Councillor Stan Wildhirt.
Councillor Stan Wildhirt.

South Tyneside will receive £198,750 in extra funding next year as part of the Government’s £174million investment to deliver ‘rough sleeping accommodation’.

Programme will create more than 2,900 homes across the country for rough sleepers and fund a team of specialist support staff offering services including mental health and substance misuse treatment.

Ministers say it is part of the Conservative Government’s £2billion investment over three years to end rough sleeping for good, this funding will provide the support needed to change thousands of lives.

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South Tyneside Conservatives has welcomed the announcement that South Tyneside will receive £198,750, as part of the Conservative Government’s commitment to end rough sleeping by 2024.

Conservative Councillor Stan Wildhirt said: “I am committed to ending rough sleeping in South Tyneside and making sure that the most vulnerable can access the support they need. I will certainly be raising the issue in the Council Chamber to ensure the Council acts swiftly on this issue.

“The issue is somewhat personal to me. It has been well publicised that there’s a significant number of former Armed Forces members sleeping rough. As an ex-para, it pains me to think there are men or women who’ve served in places like Afghanistan included in these figures.

“That is why it is so important that South Tyneside is receiving £198,750 from the Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme, helping the council provide support for rough sleepers and start a new chapter in their lives.

“This a significant step towards ending rough sleeping for good and transforming the lives of the most vulnerable in our community."

The cash will also provide a team of specialist support staff to help ‘tackle the underlying issues and get people off the streets for good’, said Cllr Wildhirt.

He added: "These staff – often from homelessness charities such as St. Mungo’s – are offering treatment for mental health issues and substance misuse to help long-term rough sleepers and newly homeless people remain in their tenancies.”

Ministers say housing provided is of a high quality and includes refurbished flats from unlettable homes, new build properties, and converted hotels and schools.

Minister for Housing and Rough Sleeping, Eddie Hughes, said: “One person sleeping rough on our streets is one too many, and more is needed to help people who find themselves in this terrible situation.

“That’s why I’m delighted to announce this funding for the Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme, which is supporting people to access housing and, crucially, specialist support to rebuild their lives and become independent again.

“This Government does not just want to make a dent in the number of rough sleepers – we want to end rough sleeping for good, and through innovative programmes like this we’re on track to ensure no one is forced to spend a night on the streets.”