Michael Gove was wrong when he said 2020's Durham Miners' Gala would take place in a Tory constituency

Michael Gove drew cheers from the crowd when he proclaimed that the historic Durham Miners’ Gala would be held in a Conservative seat next year – but he was wrong.

The MP for Surrey Heath introduced Mr Johnson in front of a backdrop which read "The People's Government" – and in his own speech, listed seats won by his party.

He praised several "talented young MPs" who were elected during yesterday's landslide election, and then added: “Both the Durham Miner's Gala and the Notting Hill Carnival will take place in seats held by Conservatives.”

Michael Gove spoke to the public and media ahead of Boris Johnson's victory speech. Picture: PA.

While North West Durham was taken by Tory Richard Holden, Durham City and North Durham remain in Labour’s hold, with Mary Foy and Kevan Jones both re-elected to serve their communities.

Jeremy Corbyn, who has pledged to stand down as the Labour Party’s leader following its defeat in the election, has spoken at the Gala for the last four years.

Since 1950, North West Durham has been in Labour’s hands.

In 2017, Laura Pidcock took over from Pat Glass, who had served since 2010 but stood down in the wake of 2016’s Brexit referendum.


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The Durham Miners' Gala in 2019.

Durham City has been held by Labour in 1935; North Durham since 1983.

What were Durham’s election results?

Durham City: Mary Foy, Labour (42%)


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North Durham: Kevan Jones, Labour (44.2%)

North West Durham: Richard Holden, Conservative (41.9%)