Readers have their say on MPs backing move to delay vote on Brexit deal

North East MPs backed delaying the vote on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and readers had a lot to say about the decision.
Readers have had their say.Readers have had their say.
Readers have had their say.

In the Saturday, October 19 sitting, MPs voted by 322 to 306 in favour of an amendment withholding approval of his Brexit deal until legislation to implement it is in place.

The amendment was intended to force him to comply with the so-called Benn Act requiring him to seek a Brexit extension but the Prime Minister said he will not negotiate a new Brexit delay with the EU despite losing the key vote.

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Gazette readers have had a lot to say about the decision and some have gone as far to say that they feel “betrayed” by their MPs choices.

Kirsten Duke commented: “Another delay.”

Craige Langley argued: “Like we’re surprised.”

Julie Christie added: “Furious is an understatement.”

Kevin Gray simply said: “Disgrace.”

Michelle Wall added: “Why? Why delay it again? Just leave no deal if that what it takes!”

Chris Marshall said: “Hooray.”

Gary Bains said: “What I don’t understand is why Boris doesn’t just get on with it!”

Rhys Smith argued: “We are all British are we not? It doesn’t matter what piece of note you scribbled on in a referendum. Personally I voted remain but I respect those who did not and have friends who are staunch supporters of Brexit. Personally I think it’s nonsense and a complete circus.”

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Boris Johnson insisted that he remained committed to taking Britain out of the EU by October 31 and would do “all he can to get Brexit done”.