Shields Gazette readers call on chancellor Sajid Javid to splash the cash in spending review

Shields Gazette readers want to see an end to austerity and a boost for public spending.
Sajid JavidSajid Javid
Sajid Javid

With new Chancellor Sajid Javid carrying out a public spending review, we asked whether you wanted to see extra investment in hospitals or the police.

Sixty-two per cent of people voted for a financial boost for the health service in our Facebook poll, while 38 per cent wanted to see law and order given priority.

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But it was obvious from the comments on-line that people have had enough of cuts and want to see the Government ploughing more cash into public services.

Darren Batchelor said: “Pointless. So much money has already been taken from both any token gestures is a joke, designed to win votes. Which of course will clearly work again,” while Paul Gray wrote: “We shouldn't have to prioritise either. They are both equally important.”

Graham Henderson said simply: “Both!” while Tom Martin added: “Nobody should ever have to choose between their health or feeling safe from crime. When a government is prioritising one or the other due to their inability to make the country’s finances work, then that clearly points out that they are not fit for purpose.”

Simon Keenan felt the decision was to tough to answer, while Norm Salkeld asked: “Isn’t that like trying to pick your favourite child? They are both needed in equal measures surely?”

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Michael Jones wanted to see tighter control on NHS spending: “Sorry but it may not be a popular comment but the NHS cannot be fixed by throwing more money at it,” he said.

“It is broken and I don’t know the fix. What I do know is you have heads of trusts and their lackeys paid massive salaries for doing a mediocre job.

Joanne Kidd has firsthand experience of the health service, but believes investment in law and order is the priority: “Although i work in the NHS and see the struggles daily, Ido believe we need more investment in police as our country has took a huge nose dive over the years in knife crime.”