'Totally inadequate' - What readers said about Government's planned benefits and pension rises

With the four-year benefits freeze set to come to an end in April 2020, readers have had their say on rises to Universal Credit and state pensions – and whether or not they will go up enough to support the cost of living.

Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 1:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 4:47 pm
Are you in receipt of Universal Credit? Picture: PA.

The Government confirmed over the weekend that the freeze will stop as planned next year, with Universal Credit due to rise by 1.7% in line with inflation.

Some have been critical of the plan – saying the increase will only “keep pace” with rising prices, meaning there will be no improvement in families’ living standards.

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This is what readers had to say on social media.

Richard Purdom: “1.7% a big help? A family getting £200 a week will get an extra £3.50 which won't cover inflation. That's without the inflationary cuts they've had the last few years.”

Alan Collings: “They give you in it in one hand, and take it back with the other, so no one really benefits at all. Do they?”

Julie Kelly: “Wish I had never heard of universal credit.”

Graham S Dale: “The money will go up but I bet sanctions tighten too.”

Dawn Hume: “The money for most people having to claim this is totally inadequate.”

Jacki Thew: “Me and my husband now disabled worked 82 years between us I recently I had 10 weeks off work ... not entitled to one single penny.”

Joan Davison: “I would be happy if they cut the tax they take off my pension.”

Paige Wilkinson: “Bring our old system back!”

Gareth Marchant: “Every little bit helps but only 1.7% will not cover the rising cost of living.”

Andie Rowley Gardner: “It’s just not good enough!”

Kimberley Jo Drummond: “They put universal credit up and then rent will go up and the rest of the bills so what’s the point.”

Christine Powell: “Austerity was always a political choice never a necessity.”

Joe Bellerby: “When I was on UC I was getting £317.82 a month, under this it'll go up to £323.22, its nowhere near enough when you're looking for work and trying to pay for basics.”

Colin McDonald: “And take it off somewhere else.”