'We are a nation of survivors and will thrive' - your views on Operation Yellowhammer no-deal Brexit report

Another long week in politics is coming to an end with far more questions than answers as to when, how or if Brexit will happen.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson.Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Yet there was one question that Shields Gazette readers in particular were definite about.

At the time of publishing this article, only 15% of people in our latest Facebook poll felt that knowing about the no-deal fears contained in the Operation Yellowhammer report would have changed the way they voted in the Brexit referendum three years ago.

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The papers, just released by the Government, are defended as a “worst case scenario” over references to potential delays in importing medicines and disruption at ports and borders.

Among the dozens of comments posted on our Shields Gazette Facebook page in response to our poll were the following:

Graham Jennings said: “Can somebody please publish a best case scenario, showing all the wonderful benefits of leaving? Funny how there isn't one after three years?”

Gordon William Allen agreed, adding: “This document is a worse case scenario, highlighting what "could/may/might happen". Not ‘will happen’. There should be another document outlining the best case scenario.”

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Charlee Shakira Cornish added: “There is far too much scaremongering going on and most of it is absolute tosh. We not only survived before the EU we were a thriving nation, we didn't have to pay billions to others who decide on our laws when we have no say in it. The EU has not been great for us and leaving will not be the dreadful thing it is made out to be. We are a nation of survivors and will thrive.”

David Richardson wrote: “Anyone in Government would have to produce a worst case scenario document. It's been taken out of all context and people are believing that these things are going to happen. lol.“Just more Scaremongering at its worst! Brexit and Leave!”

Ray Carrick pondered: “Truth of the matter is no one will know but are we willing to take the chance. Better off getting a good deal but we maybe to late for this thanks to Theresa May’s government.”