Pupils use speed guns to put brakes on drivers who speed past their school

Schoolchildren have taken to the streets with speed guns to catch speeding motorists red-handed.

Friday, 4th May 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 4th May 2018, 7:41 am
Hedworth Lane Primary School youngsters catch speeding drivers with the help of PC Luiz Scheidt.

Pupils at Hedworth Lane Primary School are fed up with drivers who flout the 20mph speed limit past their school and put them in danger.

So, members of the school council, which is made up of youngsters from each year group, decided they would enlist the help of their beat bobby to tackle the problem head on.

Members of the Hedworth Lane Primary School council are ready to catch speeding motorists with PC Luiz Scheidt.

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A few of the children, joined by PC Luiz Scheidt, went out with speed guns in a bid to catch and educate drivers speeding past the school.

Headteacher Tony Gill said that despite speed restrictions being put in place outside the school, motorists go way too fast.

He added: “There is a really tight bend leading to the school and drivers come really fast around it, we have had a few very near misses.”

The headteacher said despite speed restrictions being in place and South Tyneside Council putting in road safely measures, including a brand new zebra crossing, drivers are still posing a real danger to the everyone at the school.

Speed cameras in action at Hedworth Lane Primary School.

He added: “The members of the school council wanted to challenge drivers.”

The headteacher said the local police are a huge support to the school and PC Scheidt agreed to spend a morning outside the school with the children using the speed guns.

Mr Gill, said the project proved a huge success and that it was credit to all the drivers who were stopped that they took on board what the children had to say and were very remorseful.

He said: “With the support of the police officers, speeding motorists were asked a series of questions by the children and asked to help spread the road safety message.

Watching the traffic in both directions.

“This event was the first of its kind in the area and was a fantastic and unique opportunity for our children to learn, first hand, the importance of keeping the roads around our school safe.

“I am delighted the event went so well. The children went out with a view to catching speeding motorists, but soon worked out that this was all about educating drivers as to the dangers of speeding past our school.

“The children particularly enjoyed interviewing the drivers, who were very supportive of the event.

“The children who took part will now report back to the whole school council and create an assembly for the school, where hopefully the message will be passed to drivers within the community.”

PC Luiz Scheidt with school council children.
Police officers stop the traffic outside Hedworth Lane Primary School.