Puppy died after poisoning in South Shields park, claims owner

A six-month-old puppy has died after allegedly being posioned during a walk in a South Tyneside Park.
Aaliyah Marie Hussain's dog AlfieAaliyah Marie Hussain's dog Alfie
Aaliyah Marie Hussain's dog Alfie

Aaliyah Marie Hussain’s believes her dog Alfie may have eaten something during a visit to the West Park in South Shields and is urging other owners to be vigilant of the danger.

Aaliyah Hussain fears her dog Alfie was poisonedAaliyah Hussain fears her dog Alfie was poisoned
Aaliyah Hussain fears her dog Alfie was poisoned
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The puppy fell ill soon after the walk and Aaliyah was forced to make an emergency vets appointment with the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals in Sunderland.

But despite veterinary intervention Alfie died a few days later on May 18.

Aaliyah, who lives in nearby Dean Road, South Shields, said: “I had him out with his parents and they were all running around. At first he was fine but, as the night went on, he started coughing and foaming at the mouth.

“When you tried to pick him up he was making funny noises.

“I knew about what happened in Mowbray Park and that people were leaving raw meat out with poison on for dogs. When I took him to the vets they said he had been poisoned.”

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She added: “I’m really devastated and I’m really angry. I can’t stop thinking about him and crying - my dogs mean a lot to me. I don’t know how anyone could do this.

“It’s a lovely park and I often take the dogs there, but now I’m scared to take them out.”

Earlier this year, another dog owner issued a warning after she believed her 10-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, was poisoned.

Following the incident, she said she had become more aware of food stuff being left on walkways in the park where she and other dog walkers frequent with their pets.

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In March, a spring-loaded Fenn trap was discovered by a dog walker in the West Park. While, this type of trap is legal, it has to be set under strict rules, such as set in an artificial or natural tunnel to avoid catching non-target species, and with the landowner’s permission.

A search of the area following the discovery found no other traps.

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “We have not been made aware of any incidents of alleged poisoning in West Park.

“We would advise dog owners to report any such concerns at the time to our Environmental Health service so that so that we can investigate.”